Trader-net Selling

Before a vehicle is offered for sale a user needs to register. The registration process ensures that only genuine motor traders have access to sell their trade vehicles.

Once registered, any user can offer a vehicle for sale provided they adhere to Trader-Nets’ code of conduct.
Entering an item
Following the simple 5 step process Trader-Net ensures all relevant information is entered by not allowing users to move to the next step without first completing all relevant fields.
Image Up-loader
Trader-Net utilises a super fast image up-loader ensuring that users can upload a maximum of 5 images in under a minute. The up-loader has been designed to be compatible with 99% of operating systems.
Auction Length
The user chooses the auction length which is set between 2-5 days. The end time can also be adjusted to avoid busy periods and finish times outside of normal working hours.
Reserve & Start Price
The user chooses the reserve and starting price adhering to Trader-Nets’ code of conduct. As soon as a vehicle meets reserve any other user watching or bidding on the vehicle receives an email – it is therefore best practice to set the reserve as low as feasible.
Trader-Net is focused on keeping busy motor traders informed of the status of their bids. The site emails users regular updates as well as displaying relevant information in My Trader-Net.
Sold Item
The site emails users the details of the winning bidder, under Trader-Nets’ code of conduct.the buyer contacts the seller within 24 hours and arranges to pay for the vehicle within 3 working days.
Not Sold
If an item does not reach its reserve the seller has the opportunity to contact the highest bidder in order to see if an agreement can be reached.